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Our resume writing services are delivered with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and a genuine desire to help our clients achieve their career goals. With 10 years of experience providing career services to Australia, we offer the following benefits:

1. An Experienced Team of Resume Writers
Our resume writers have a wealth of experience tailoring resumes for specific roles and industries, and perfectly highlighting the skills and achievements of our clients. With a contemporary understanding of the job market, our writers will work with you to create a resume that gains the attention of employers.

2. Skilled at Optimising Resumes
Due to the large number of applications for most roles and the increasing use of software to review resumes, it is necessary to have a well formatted, keyword optimised resume. When resumes do reach hiring managers they may spend just 10 seconds scanning the resume before making a decision. Our writers are skilled at using keywords and accessible formatting to enable your resume to make the cut.

3. Experienced at Showcasing Achievements
Using the effective STAR format to successfully communicate your achievements, we understand that employers are looking for examples of the benefits you have delivered in previous roles. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result – an easy and succinct method to explain the outcomes you have achieved throughout your career.

4. Professional Resume Designs
With over 100 industry-specific and general resume templates designed by professional graphic designers, we have a resume design to suit every application. Ranging from professional and corporate to eye-catching and colourful, we understand that your resume should be tailored for personal preference and effectiveness. We ensure all resumes are easy to read, well-structured, and organised to enable a perfect reader’s journey.

5. Commitment to Quality Assurance
Our unique, multi-step process is designed to guarantee that multiple staff review every resume to ensure any typos or formatting errors are eliminated. We understand that all humans make errors sometimes, so by having multiple people check each document before they are sent, we are able to guarantee the quality of our services.

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