Start a Resume Writing Service

Starting a resume writing service is a great way to take back control and shake things up when the daily grind is wearing you down. After all, there is never a shortage of people who need resumes written.

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How to Start a Resume Writing Service

Starting your own resume writing service is a great way to shake things up when the daily grind is wearing you down. Freelancing full time or as a side job can also be a great way to secure your finances into the future. Working for yourself means you have control and don’t have to rely on anyone else. And there is never a shortage of people looking for work, promotions, or wanting to change career who need resumes written.

how to start your own resume writing service

Do I need qualifications?

There are resume writing certificates you can get but they aren’t necessary to start your own resume writing service. The key skills of a resume writer are transferable from jobs you may have had in the past. Have you:

  • worked in human resources?
  • been involved in the hiring process?
  • had to sort through resumes?
  • been part of an interview panel?
  • worked in recruitment or career services?
  • helped friends with their resumes
  • assisted colleagues preparing for an interview?

Any of these experiences can help give you an edge as a resume writer. It’s not just about being a good writer it’s also important to know what makes a great resume. You’ll need an eye for detail and design flair to edit and format a resume that will make an impact on recruiters. You’ll also need marketing skills to sell yourself and the candidates you’re writing resumes for. People and research skills are also important. You’ll need to get to know your client and become an expert on them and the job they’re applying for.

Let’s get started

You’re going to need those marketing skills now to get your name out there. Post about your new services on LinkedIn and other social media, start a website or blog to show off your work, network online and in-person and start connecting with other resume writers and potential clients. Joining a freelance platform is a great way to be seen quickly by lots of people.

These websites are huge directories of freelancers offering a variety of services that make it easy for potential clients to find them. But many of these freelancing platforms are just another business you’re relying on to find work and get paid. Many of them will charge you just for listing with them, even if you don’t get any work through their service. They can dictate when and how you get paid or the price range you can charge for your services. Some even monitor your computer to see if you’re really working.

take control and become a resume writing freelancer

What happened to freedom?

The whole point of freelancing was to take control and gain the freedom to work where, how and when you want to. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a freelancing platform that would never dictate to you how to do your job and wanted to help you develop your skills while reaching new clients from across Australia? Qualified Resume Writers does just that. Our specialist directory of Australian resume writers and career experts can help you extend your reach to find and engage with new clients while maintaining control.

Create your free profile and we’ll help you grow, learn and enhance the credibility of your skills. Sign up today with Qualified Resume Writers and join our community of truly free freelancers.